Monday, July 7, 2008

Pros and Cons

So, we leave in 3 days for 33 to 36 days (depending on what we do on the tail end of the trip.) I have explained to only a handful of people what our trip is all about. So, I'm going to lay it all out here!
Being on Young Life staff, Nick has a job to do at one of the camps. He will be working long hard hours in the dining hall. I have heard that he will get up around 5:30 AM and return around midnight!!! I am planning to not see him very much at all. Now, this is really hard because our girls are used to getting ample "daddy-time" in daily!!!
So, while I'm excited that we will not be abandoned for a month, I'm nervous because we will be out of our element and without a father/husband really there. So, this would be a great place for me to begin my "list."
Nick not really being there even though he'll be close to being there.
Not having PBS for the kids to go to when they wake up.
(I sit here watching the cursor flash realizing that I have overall fears of the unknown since I've never done this before.)

No cooking.
No grocery shopping.
No cleaning.
My kids being saturated with followers of Christ.
Exposure to a world outside of our walls at home!!!
Watching my husband do what he was made to do!!!
Being away from TV (something I was considering unplugging recently.... and, we don't even have cable!)

I am thrilled that I got to go to Frontier Ranch to watch camp happen and know a little bit of what to expect. Now, as we head off to Sharp Top Cove, I'm excited and a bit anxious all at the same time. Where do I even begin in the packing department?


Chelle said...

Sounds like it will be and extraordinary trip. And, how wonderful that the girls will see their Daddy serving others and God, and you doing the same as you care for them! And really, your job will be much tougher!

Mari Fontana said...

I am sure there will be wonderful growth. And your girls are beautiful...

jennyhope said...

I can not imagine being gone that long!! I don't know if I could do it!! =)

Irritable Mother said...

PRO: God is there getting everything ready for you, and He will be there the whole time - even without PBS and all things familiar. *grin*

But I understand you...Brian used to be on staff with InterVarsity and I eventually stopped going with him to camps (not the month-long one!) because I figured I would rather not see him for free, than to not see him and pay money for it.
Having said that, I have full confidence God has good things in store for your family this month. Keep your eyes open for them!

Nichole said...

I can't imagine packing for that long for 5 people!! Sounds like you guys will have an amazing month! The pics of your girl are great, they are so adorable.

Mimi said...

I have been a bit behind in the reading of blogs this week, but I am glad that the anticipation is now a reality for you. Glad to hear that the initial response of the girls was so positive. That has to be a great relief to you. Good first impressions can go a long way for children!! We will be praying for it to continue.