Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Since we found out that our family is moving to Colorado, many people have asked many questions to which I have been responding with a perpetual and exasperated "I don't know!"  We have not had a lot of clarity in this year long process.  Needless to say, I have been playing hypothetical living for far too long! I'm not complaining at all....it just is what it is. 

BUT today, I have ONE answer and that is ONE answer closer to many more.  We are leaving Oklahoma the last week in July.  Nick will be starting his position on August 1st.

So, what that means is that we will be living with my ever-generous sister, Kaylyn and her family until our house sells and we get settled into one of our own.  Out of all the hypothetical scenarios that I've played out, it feels so strange to declare it and make it official. 

This feels like the third domino to fall.  We got a "YES" on moving to CO.  We put our house on the market.  We have made the plans to move there before the house sells and live with my sister.  Do you see the line of dominoes falling?  I'm starting to.  Even now, as I'm typing, my heart's desire is to be under contract BEFORE we go.  I wake up each morning begging for God to bring the right people to buy our house.  But, as I beg, I trust.  I trust HIS timing more than my desired time table. 

All of the sudden, there is a shift for me in passing these days on the market....Now, I get to think of eating everything in our pantry and freezer and fridge!!!  So, if you're invited over last minute, it's because I need more friends' mouths to help us eat our food and give hugs good-bye to.  I'm tasting the bitter part of this bittersweet time for us. 

Much love and many (((hugs)))

Friday, July 11, 2014

Market Ready!

Our house has been on the market for two weeks today!  On the day that we heard we were moving to  Colorado, I rearranged our family room so the couch was no longer hiding the fire place and I cleaned up some of the kids' junk in our 3rd car garage area.  Those two things were really the ONLY two things I had to do to be ready to show my house.  I thought I was ready to be on the market.  I was mentally patting myself on the back because I thought I had lived "market ready!"  Until....

I started to notice the dirt streaks on Megan's yellow walls and a saggy curtain rod and an outlet cover that needed to be replaced and...well, the small list went on and my "Market Ready Pride" popped.  The spiritual parallel began to form quickly in my mind.

We, as believers, know that we should live like the bride of Christ waiting for HIS return.  We are to be ready at any moment to be taken up with HIM.  And maybe we do have our lives "looking" pretty good, but in reality, there's a lot of clean up and our to do list is a bit longer than we'd care to admit.

So, since that mental spiritual parallel, I have just been living in that place of being on the market.  Ready to turn on the lights on and pop out of our house at any given time until we get an offer.  As soon as we know anything more on timing for our transition, I'll be sure to post about it.