Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm wondering if frustrations are tied directly to expectations. I live the majority of my days in a frustrated mode. Partially because of the stage of life I'm in with child rearing. But also, I think it's because of the things I expect. You see I have a dangling carrot in front of me. It's that life will get easier when.....
....the children are out of diapers
....I'm not scheduling around naps
....we can all eat the same food-no baby food this, toddler food that
....they sleep through the night
....I'm no longer in transition
....I don't have to buckle all three in seatbelts.

Well, here's how I know that is flawed thinking. I am past ALL of those. And now, theres a whole different list. A list that is pointless in writing out simply because I've learned that "life will get easier" is the part that is wrong. Whoever said it would be easy? Why do we assume it should be easy? So, in understanding this, I still struggle with the acceptance of it and therefore, I live in frustration.
I mentioned the dangling carrot. I refer to this a lot when things don't happen that I think will happen. A bike ride. A Girls Night Out. A date night. A day off. A vacation. I'm holding on until this "carrot" happens. When that carrot is taken away, I'm left with frustration.
I guess now I'm trying to find out how to not sin in my frustration. I so want to be more easy-going. I want to handle disappointment well!


Chelle said...

I wish I had some wise words for you. But, I don't. However, I can say I'm praying for you and praying you feel encouraged today!

Heather said...

As I was reading your list, I kept thinking to myself, "She's done with all these, isn't she?" Then you answered that for me. Anytime you want to go for a Girls Night...I'm THERE! (unless it's a Wed. or Thurs. night).

Irritable Mother said...

Remember, Rachel, the present stage is always going to be our hardest, most frustrating stage - because it's the one we're in. We've made it through the past, and the future always seems as if it will be easier.

The present is where we're stuck.

But God is with us in this present moment. And in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy. I pray these words will be more than words to you today.

You are precious and I am praying for you, friend.

Erica Lynn said...

I love this post. I can identify with you. I keep thinking about "the list" I have one of those. Thank you for writing about this, sometimes you feel alone in your frustrations. I will be praying for you. God bless.

Emily said...

Hey girl:) I know what you mean here. I have felt that way too. I had a good friend tell me recently that I (we) need to not be so hard on myself, there is a lot for us to deal with on a daily basis. The fact is, child rearing is hard, no matter how many kids we have and emotions are hard too, life is tough! But we who have the Lord have hope and that is huge! At least there is a point to our struggles, growing in Christ, shedding our flesh and rewards here and in eternity. Those who don't know Him have the same struggles, but for what?
Love you so much sister!!

StaceyStace said...

I think you are handling it with grace and wisdom, just by realizing the source of your frustration and what you should do about it!

StaceyStace said...

I forgot to add that I am eating carrots right now. Just thought it was kinda neat. :-)

jennyhope said...

know what you mean here!

Heather said...

RYC: there's a picture of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and some other guy standing in front of an American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance. Obama is the only not covering his heart w/ his right hand.

Can we get together soon? I'm in need of some friend time.

Heather said...

I don't know if you're the only one who can see it...nobody else has commented on it.

YES! Let's do dinner soon...or you and I hang out on a Wed. or Fri.