Sunday, June 27, 2010

I made the news...

....even though it was in NC, here is a video clip from last year's century ride in the mountains of NC!!!

The video won't upload like most so: You'll have to click THIS LINK and then scroll second to bottom link. It's the Hot Doggett 100 link. Then click play :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confessions from a Mom Surviving Summer

So, I'm VBS hopping. That's right. I'm in my second week at a second church. I just might be posting this with a little guilt. Like this just might be a confession. Neither of the churches are one we attend either.... okay, now it's all coming out.

Seriously, I don't see harm in it. I'm getting a break. They are hearing bible stories, singing songs, making crafts, eating snacks and making friends. I couldn't orchestrate all of those things in one week. So, It is GOOD all around.

I really do struggle with these long summer days. I do love our new home and it has definitely proved to be more beneficial to us with some extra space and a place for the girls to ride their bikes (when it's not a hundred degrees outside....which will be like in October!) But, I will say that I've allowed my girls to watch more T.V. than they ever have in their lives!!! Hmm, another confession. I may have just come up with a good name this post...

So, since this appears to be full-blown confession time... I ran into a friend the other day who has struggled through much of her motherhood as I have. We were both sad to report that we are in the "same ole, same ole'" place. When will I wake up and have VICTORY?

It appears that God likes to keep and hold me right in this place. I don't know what else to do. What is it exactly that I'm trying so hard to get out of anyway? Hardship is just part of life. Isn't it futile to try to fight my way out of this particular hardship? I fear I will turn numb in the process upon realizing that this just won't end. Wow, now I sound really depressing, but this is a time for me to confess where my heart is and this is where I am.

So, this isn't a plea for prayer (although I always covet prayers for me to biblically train my children.) This isn't me sounding an alarm that I'm all depressed. I am simply stating that summer is proving to be a difficult time for me. I remember when I had three pre-schoolers and people would ask me how my summer was going. There was no such thing as summer to me then. IT was ALL just hard. Now, summer is a break from what they are normally involved in and I'm just re-visiting some of that hard. Only it is a different hard. Much less physical and way more emotionally (and spiritually) draining and they aren't even teenagers yet!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trash Day

I get this from my dad, but I LOVE trash pick-up day!!! I even love watching the dump truck pull up and grab the bin and dump all of our week's worth of garbage and drive away with it. It's gone. I never have to see that trash again. It's a purifying feeling. Then, I go into the kitchen and throw something away. My next's weeks collection begins.

The obvious parallel to sin is unmistakable. I see my sin dealt with. It's hauled off the moment I put my trust in Jesus. However, I'm not Sin-Free the moment I'm saved from the consequence of my sin. So, I confess and repent and then turn around and sin again. Maybe the accurate parallel would be likened to communion. I can deal with my sin and know I'm clean, and then sin again.

Learning to accept that my nature (or my flesh) is something I have to battle every single day has been difficult for me. I used to struggle with hearing that we are to be "Christ-like." I don't like unattainable goals. Who does? I won't shoot for something that I seriously don't think I can accomplish. So, why try so hard to be like someone that I can't be like?

The answer still doesn't come simply, but the understanding of the sanctification process has begun. This journey of battling the nature I'm born with against the Spirit that dwells within me is exhausting. But, one that I'm glad I'm battling. (Gal 5:13-26) I'll choose the fruits of the Spirit to live by any day no matter how hard and tiresome the battle for it is.

Self Control. This has been my focus for almost a year now. I figured that I should probably work on my reaction (which tends to be completely lacking of any evidence of self-control) since it is the very thing I'm trying to teach my girls! I'm ready to see that uncontrolled, reaction demon get dumped and hauled off in the weekly trash pick-up!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Magnolia!!!

My heart is so full. I feel rich. I was listening to a podcast on my run last night. This pastor asked this question:

Do you enjoy God?

He went on to explain that he is not asking if I love Him, serve Him, know Him. Do I enjoy Him? He likened it to a spouse. Do I enjoy my husband? I mean, you can serve him and love him and know him and trust him, but do you enjoy him?

I realized that I am in a VERY rich place in my life because I thoroughly, honestly ENJOY both God and my husband!! Is it really easy for me to answer that way because I'm not currently under fire or in a time of really tough testing? Maybe. But, I would so hope and desire to still Enjoy God in the midst of any circumstance.

Quick story about my new house. This place has me amazed. Just so amazed that God has provided this much space for us in such a beautiful neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of trees AND HILLS. Yes, this is Oklahoma and I didn't think there could be any of those here, but after running them, I can tell you that there are Hills in OK :) The heat reminds me that I'm still here, though.

Anyway, back to that quick story. I feel so personally and intimately loved by the mere fact that I have a big magnolia tree greeting me outside my study window. I LOVE Magnolias. I've always thought their silky, bulky leaves were just so unique! The flowers they bloom are big and bold. But, see, before I EVER even knew that I like Magnolia Trees, this one was planted in this place and I believe it is because God knew that there would come a day where I decided to like them and then desire one in my yard.

We have owned five homes now and over the course of that time, I often wanted to plant one. Yet, 12 years ago, someone else chose that tree to be planted in this spot where here and now I get to enjoy it!!! God knew. *big grin*