Friday, September 28, 2007


Many of you have asked what ministry it is that my husband, Nick, has gone into in response to my 'change' post. The article below was written by our pastor for our most recent church newsletter. The link in the article will send you to the national website or you may click on the Young Life logo above to see the site for the local area he will be working in. This should sum it up:

Nick and Rachel Meyer have been volunteer ministers, helping Rachel’s parents, Monty and Carolyn Churchill, in Metropolitan’s ministry to university students. They established“Espresso Self,” a meeting place which brings together young adults of all ages, married and single, in a Sunday morning fellowship with the atmosphere of a coffee house. They have also been faithful
in discipling young adults on an individual and small group basis. Nick has sensed God’s leading into vocational ministry on a full time basis. He has accepted an invitation to join the staff of
Young Life, a ministry which is bringing the gospel message into the lives of thousands of high school and middle school students nationwide. He will be serving the local Young Life region as “Field Development Associate,” working to expand the ministry in Oklahoma. Nick states that what excites him is that Young Life is “relationship-driven at every level.” He is committed to Young Life’s strategy of relationship evangelism of students through Young Life clubs, one-on-one mentoring, and summer camp ministries. “I look forward to talking about Young Life in all kinds of settings, sharing what God is doing in the lives of students,” he said. He suggests that we visit information. In addition to his development (fund-raising) work, Nick will be involved in volunteer training and strengthening ties to local churches. “So many students who come to faith don’t have a church background. They need the church,” he said.
The Meyers plan to continue their ministries with the young adults of Metropolitan. Pray for this big transition in their lives.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Porn and Parenting

I know that this is a bold title, but this week is Porn Week. Some guys over at have an awesome website that addresses this issue head on. They are saying that Oct. 7th is National Porn Sunday. Well, I have since been emailing friends about both struggling in parenting and dialogue on how to help people be aware and sensitive to treating the problem of porn. These emails have me thinking pretty seriously about God's grace in my life. He is so good. I am amazed at where I am in life....Instead of getting all vulnerable on these issues, I just want to give God the glory for being the source of my strength and healing. Who could live this difficult Christian life in this terribly fallen world without God's amazing grace?

Friday, September 21, 2007

What is Church?

Sept. 21st......Yes, it’s Nick’s birthday and we are currently at a Leadnow conference ( where my brain seems to be on overload. I’m overwhelmed at how much there is to learn about the church, our culture, leadership and ministry altogether. Even walking through all the many booths set up here with the various ministries offered to plug believers in to opportunities for evangelism and what not, I’m quite depressed. There are so many needs. There are so many conferences too where we take notes and stuff ourselves with information of what to do and how to do’s that I just desire heaven. A lifetime is spent learning and applying. Yet, we get distracted and forget that it is all about the great commission to tell others. We overstuff ourselves with great talks and analogies. So, I sit in a very large church feeling overwhelmed.
Conclusion: I need to approach all of this by picturing me alone. Alone with God. Like on an island. I will be accountable to God alone with the growth that does or doesn’t take place in my life. What I do with what I learn is what I’m accountable for. May I handle the Word of the Lord correctly and not falter in the calling He has on my life.
Right now in this surrounding, I want to save the world and bring in many 20 to 30’s and disciple and minister to them. But, I am to faithfully build my home and serve the Lord by serving and teaching and training my children. Oh, how I want and need to count it a joy to be in this place!!! Thank you, Father, for my healthy girls that are little sponges taking in every life lesson I teach. Give me wisdom to make every moment a teachable moment. <><

Saturday, September 15, 2007


These are our dear friends headed back out "into the field." Even though, we as Christians are all in the field in one way or another, this family is moving their family of 6 (by then it will be 7) to Spain. Take a little over 5 minutes to hear their story and their heart and let me know if you are interested in partnering with them!!!


We got skunked two nights ago. Can we say powerful? My goodness! I think it was just my dog that actually got sprayed, but it was at the side of our house and man.....that spray sure lingered it's way into our two cars in the garage, both rooms on that side of the house and somehow through our air conditioner bringing it in the rest of the house but not as strong as the other parts. Whoowee. It stinks. So, quickly I google how to get rid of the smell. What did we do before the Internet? Then, I have another not-so-pleasant smell of vinegar in bowls set in every room. When my daughter went to school, a classmate said out loud, "I smell a skunk!" What in the world?
So, now the only remnants are the parts on the dog, we haven't scrubbed enough....that would be the inside of his ears. So, he's banned to the backyard. Whoever thought the next trial in my life would be being skunked. And, it has been a trial. I honestly think I have bits of "S.I. Dysfunction" (sensory integration dysfunction) where I can't quite cope as normally as the average person when one of any of my senses is on overload!!! So, three kids and a stinky dog messing with my clean house did heighten any normal problem I may have had that day.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I do not want to be bound by anything that keeps me from being used by God. I believe that I could do so much more for His glory if I would just free myself from the chains of sin. This is not one of my better analogies, but it came to me and was useful nonetheless.
As I pulled the lint from the trap out of the dryer this morning, I realized that the more lint there is the easier it is to remove. When you've done one load that just didn't produce that much, it's frustrating to get rid of it. I was thinking about sin and if you have a whole bunch of it and gain a repentant heart, it seems easier to purify the filth. Like a clean sweep. But, when you have just little, (subtle things here and there) they are harder to recognize and get rid of.
There is not much application to this analogy or maybe even truth for that matter, but interesting enough for me to post :)
But, then again, in the same moment of doing laundry, I had the thought that we should become a naked society just so I wouldn't have to do as much laundry!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I'm continually resisting what is in front of me. What is wrong with me? I have 3 beautiful girls that require so much of me. I hear one day I'll miss this stage. That they will grow up too fast. I'm not buying it. I actually desire for them to grow up. I want adulthood for them. I can think back to my childhood days and my memory is foggy. I remember so much more from my independent days. Why would this be the most important part if they don't even remember it all too well? Most of my memories are from pictures and stories retold anyway.

So, my struggle is that I am continually fighting just my own selfish desires. I don't want to play house or Uno or dress-up. It's like I'm too tired to do that.

I want out of the not wanting to be where I am. It sounds a lot like discontentment, doesn't it? Well, if it's discontentment then there's something wrong with me spiritually. For part of the secret of being content is doing everything through Christ WHO strengthens me. I am not being strengthened by Christ.

Oh, Lord, I surrender this resistance that I have in my spirit. Take it all!!!