Friday, September 28, 2007


Many of you have asked what ministry it is that my husband, Nick, has gone into in response to my 'change' post. The article below was written by our pastor for our most recent church newsletter. The link in the article will send you to the national website or you may click on the Young Life logo above to see the site for the local area he will be working in. This should sum it up:

Nick and Rachel Meyer have been volunteer ministers, helping Rachel’s parents, Monty and Carolyn Churchill, in Metropolitan’s ministry to university students. They established“Espresso Self,” a meeting place which brings together young adults of all ages, married and single, in a Sunday morning fellowship with the atmosphere of a coffee house. They have also been faithful
in discipling young adults on an individual and small group basis. Nick has sensed God’s leading into vocational ministry on a full time basis. He has accepted an invitation to join the staff of
Young Life, a ministry which is bringing the gospel message into the lives of thousands of high school and middle school students nationwide. He will be serving the local Young Life region as “Field Development Associate,” working to expand the ministry in Oklahoma. Nick states that what excites him is that Young Life is “relationship-driven at every level.” He is committed to Young Life’s strategy of relationship evangelism of students through Young Life clubs, one-on-one mentoring, and summer camp ministries. “I look forward to talking about Young Life in all kinds of settings, sharing what God is doing in the lives of students,” he said. He suggests that we visit information. In addition to his development (fund-raising) work, Nick will be involved in volunteer training and strengthening ties to local churches. “So many students who come to faith don’t have a church background. They need the church,” he said.
The Meyers plan to continue their ministries with the young adults of Metropolitan. Pray for this big transition in their lives.

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Irritable Mother said...

Young Life is a good thing! Yea for Nick and stepping out in faith.