Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Entitlement can be a dangerous word when used alongside a relationship with God. I am shocked at the selfish nature that drives us to believe we are "entitled" to anything. We are deserving of DEATH. Ultimate spiritual death. Separation from God. And yet, we have a Savior Whom has rescued us from such a penalty.

I wonder how we can train ourselves to keep the perspective that we are not entitled to anything from God at the forefront of our mind. I watch people "follow the rules" and basically get screwed. It sucks. Yes. But, we aren't entitled to blessing if we but follow the rules. If we seek God and obey Him and trust Him, it does not mean that we are exempt from certain tragedies. It does not give us immunity. We are not entitled to have things a certain way in our life.

I recently heard Francis Chan quoting J Vernon McGee.
"This is God's Universe. God does things His way. You may have a better way, but You don't have a universe." Right around minute 20 and 21, you'll hear what he's talking about!

So, who are we to think that we should know or want things to be a certain way? It's like us taking matters into our own hands and trying to control things. See, God has a plan. We need to trust that plan ALWAYS. Good. Bad. Hard. Easy.

Lord, I am entitled to nothing. I simply inherit everything You give. You provide for me. This includes you providing the winds that blow struggles into my life that are to strengthen me, prepare me or whatever. You provide food for my family. You have revealed Yourself to me because that was a part of your Providential Plan. I trust you. I trust that you alone are good and you love me. Even when I get a "life's not fair" mentality or that I think I am entitled to something, allow your Holy Spirit to gently remind me these things!!!!