Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taking the Day Off

After starting this new schedule of running 3 to 5 times a week (plus fitting in a bike ride 1 to 2 times a week in order to train for my 100 mile ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains in a month), I'm understanding the importance of taking the day off. I did like 13 miles of running and 97 of biking last week. I continued on starting this week like that and I was wiped. I found that my emotions were pretty low too. Yesterday was a day off from working out. I liked it so much that I took today off too! Today's was more than that one way. I got a sitter and ran around town with the to do's of preparing for tomorrow's birthday party. My BABY is turning FIVE!!!!!

After all that, I'm finally having some "me" time before relieving the sitter. I've started to think about how we all need time off from some things at some point. I take comfort in the fact that our God doesn't ever need time off. He doesn't need a break from me. He doesn't leave me with a sitter to pull Himself together. Funny, I just thought, "if we are to become like Him then, that means no more sitters for me" ..... AAAaaaahhhh.... I'm going to assume that this doesn't apply :)

Well, I'm back at it tomorrow! Hope you are all having a good week :)


Chelle said...

Oh my oh my, your body definitely does need rest, especially with the kind of training you have been doing. If not, injury, exhaustion, all things we DON'T want set in. Glad you got the day off, and a day to just do stuff. Whooopppeee!

Loved the line about that means more sitters. Cracked me up.

Pop White said...

I'm going to take "today" off, I'm whipped just reading about your last week!

Irritable Mother said...

God doesn't need a break from us...
That is one of my devotions in Finding Joy!
So thankful for that Truth.