Monday, June 8, 2009

Tone Setter

Some sort of grumpy version of myself has taken over and all that's left is this person writing. How do I find my way back? Uuuggh! Today, I have isolated my grumpy self in my room and taken refuge in the wrong thing..... a game on my iPhone. Sad, huh? Well, it's true. I keep playing it in hopes that the perfectly played game will find the "me" that was replaced by this person. Only, I fear it's getting worse with each low score that is produced. The game: Scramble. It's like Boggle for the iPhone and I have scrambled thoughts now just from playing it.
I truly do set the tone in this home. This is a huge responsibility. My boggled brain is confusing this concept and thinking that I could twist those letters around so that I no longer carry the responsibility of setting the tone here.
Well, some days are better than others. Today is not one of the best, but I get to go on a bike ride later. Maybe this funk will unscramble its way out as I pedal away the last hours of this not so good day.

God, I thank you that Your mercies are new every morning. Great is Your Faithfulness. I'm so glad I can bring to you my scrambled up moods in hopes of changing and improving. Protect my girls from my failures! Amen


BASSakward Tales said...

you know what are not the only one who is in a funk..but the bright side of it is that your prayer you wrote is exactly what i needed to read...i hope your day and week get better but know that you have had a positive impact on someone.....keep your chin up

Staceystace said...

Hope your day is getting better, Rachel!

Katester said...

Rachel - no, I am absolutely not a runner. :) I do it simply as a part of my ongoing routine to not get fat. However, I do sometimes enjoy the scenery, as I did in Iowa, which was more of a jog . . . walk . . . jog . . . walk, sort of run.