Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now I "Get It!"

I have struggled for years with having a goal of trying to be "Christ-like" in my actions. Seriously. I would try so hard to do things the way He did, or respond the way He would. You know the whole: "WWJD (what would Jesus do?)" thing. I have often thrown my hands up in frustration of why we go after the unattainable goal of trying to imitate HIM!

The exhaustion that comes from experiencing defeat in whatever area of weakness you have is overwhelming. I've accepted over the years that this is just the way it is.....

.....until now....

....I kind of want you to go download Andy Stanley's Character Under Construction (Part 2) from iTunes first and then read the rest of this...... He says it so well. I so "Get IT" now.

I can't do (fill in the blank), but HE CAN!!!! The key is to: ABIDE.

Stay close. Don't think in terms of imitating HIM, think in terms of uninterrupted fellowship! Stay grafted in so that He produces fruit THROUGH us, not IN is. It's about viewing your entire Christian life in pure relationship. Allowing Him to live His life through us. We have huge holes and gaps and flaws in our character and we can't bridge the gap. He can do it through us!

Three things to remember when thinking about "abiding":
1. Think and act relationally, not religiously.
2. Focus on association and not imitation. You can't imitate Jesus.
3. I can't, but HE CAN through me.

I know I can't be a great unselfish Mother. But, He can through me. I will wake up in the morning and not be surprised by the area of my "trouble". I know where I'm tempted. I will look at the potential battle and anticipate it and I will pray:

Lord, today I can't deal with being a mother. But, I know that you can through me. * Amen *

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sanctification is slow....

I ran to my parents house this morning. It usually takes 20 minutes in the car. It took almost 2 hours. It got me thinking about how our 10 hour drive to CO is only a short 1:15 flight.

In knowing there are quicker ways to get places because of the advancements that have been made by mankind, I wonder if this isn't why we struggle with the sanctification process so much?

I have been a believer for 31 of my 35 years of life. I've chosen to walk in His ways, Study His Word and follow Him with my life for over 15 of those years. So, I feel like I would expect to be further along in that Holiness, sanctified process! How much harder it seems it is for the new believer in this age to want to "get there" by such a quicker route!

Do you think that the people who lived before automobiles had a keener sense of spiritual growth because they didn't have and instant gratification problem like we do?

I wonder!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Having a road closed can be such a nuisance......

when you are a driver seeking the fastest route.

But, when you are a runner wanting solitude on a stretch of road..... it is like royal treatment!!!!

What may be bad or painful to someone else could actually be a blessing to another. Perspective. I always am in need of it.

It is a sad thing for me to confess and admit that the reason I haven't been posting on my blog lately is because I've had NOTHING positive or uplifting to say. I could sadly report each day the state my heart has been in, but I do NOT want to be a complainer. So, I remain silent. The silence is staring me in the face as I continually turn my computer on and read other people's insights.

Today, on this run where I gained a wonderful perspective on having a road closed nearby, I realized my need for a bit of perspective on my struggles.

LORD, right now, I only know in my head that in you there is victory! I know and trust that you love me. I feel like the job I have is too difficult for me? Whether it is perspective or brokenness or tragedy that you need to give me, I ask for it. I canNOT keep on thinking that the "road closed sign" is such a bummer. I am ready to have YOUR perspective on things!

Monday, September 6, 2010


i went to post some variation of my frustrations tonight and before posting, decided to read my recent posts from other friends. This is all that really needs to be said of my night. Thanks Nikkie!!!!

When what you’re dealing with seems just not right.

Or the pain seems too intense to bear.

If the end of the story is unknown

and the water you’re treading threatens to take what seems to be your very breath.

Do me a favor, ok?

Hold on.

Don’t let go.

Do the next thing.

Lean heavily on Him.

And keep moving, please.

For tomorrow?

Well, it’s a new day.

And there’s One who holds it when your grip is slipping.

That pain you’re bearing? He can handle the load.

He’ll keep the water in just the right spot so that even though the choking and sputtering continues, you will not drown.

You will not drown.

Because He sees the end of the story.

His plan is in process.

And the grip holding, the load bearing, the near drowning?

They will have a bittersweet flavor as the end of this story turns the corner.


Hang on, friend.

Hang on.