Monday, September 13, 2010


Having a road closed can be such a nuisance......

when you are a driver seeking the fastest route.

But, when you are a runner wanting solitude on a stretch of road..... it is like royal treatment!!!!

What may be bad or painful to someone else could actually be a blessing to another. Perspective. I always am in need of it.

It is a sad thing for me to confess and admit that the reason I haven't been posting on my blog lately is because I've had NOTHING positive or uplifting to say. I could sadly report each day the state my heart has been in, but I do NOT want to be a complainer. So, I remain silent. The silence is staring me in the face as I continually turn my computer on and read other people's insights.

Today, on this run where I gained a wonderful perspective on having a road closed nearby, I realized my need for a bit of perspective on my struggles.

LORD, right now, I only know in my head that in you there is victory! I know and trust that you love me. I feel like the job I have is too difficult for me? Whether it is perspective or brokenness or tragedy that you need to give me, I ask for it. I canNOT keep on thinking that the "road closed sign" is such a bummer. I am ready to have YOUR perspective on things!


Chelle said...

You are beautiful! And, I am just a phone call away :)

Kaylyn said...

I sure love you Rach! so good to read this. I love knowing your heart and you knowing my heart!
You give me perspective!!!