Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It's a time for celebration!!!! I am in the "honeymoon" stages of parenting. This stage of life with my kiddos is so enjoyable! This is the last year they are all three at the same school (elementary.) I have heard the warnings of what will come. Some have horror stories of the infamous teenage years. Some have some sweet stories. I just know that for today, I LOVE these girls of mine and the relationships I have with each of them.

Instead of fearing what is to come, I walk in a contented place today. I will pray that this continues as Nick and I prayed our honeymoon would never end.

After 12 1/2 years of marriage, our honeymoon really hasn't ended. Our life together is an extended honeymoon and now that I've arrived at this place with my children I am encouraged by the answered prayer with my husband that I can boldly ask God for this "honeymoon" stage of parenting to never end.

I thank you for bringing me to this place of total joy in parenting these girls You've entrusted to me. Thank you for the relationships built between us. Continue to give me wisdom and sustain me through the bumps! May this sweet stage be our way of life. May we walk in joy and contentment until the end of age!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today's Assessment

After going this long without posting anything, I feel as if what I write now must be the biggest and best post ever after such a long silence.

Well, sorry to disappoint, but I'm just writing to write again.... Nothing HUGE. Nothing that will go viral.

I went to bible study this morning where we talked about Peter. Oh, how I'm growing to love Peter the more I study about him and his relationship with Jesus. I can identify with Peter in many ways. One thing that was mentioned this morning was that as believers, we must be able to recognize our rebellion. When we see our sin as sin and humbly repent, then right relationship with Jesus happens.

All too often, the external stuff (works), continue on even when our hearts are not in the right place. I began thinking about this blog. It's title is "A Heart Assessment" because I need to always be evaluating, assessing, scrutinizing, testing, watching, checking the condition of my heart.

What's crazy is after this time of studying the word together with other believers, I had a doctor's appointment, followed by lab work, followed by an ultrasound; which has left me reading things on the internet trying to scrutinize, diagnose, assess my physical pain.

When it comes to my back pain, I feel like that tiny ball in a pin ball machine being bounced around from doctor to doctor and left falling between the opening in the bottom without answers.

But, when it comes to assessing the condition of my heart..... guess what? I have solid answers from the word of God!

I end this post with the encouragement that God's word gives us when we take a look at our hearts in humble honesty.
Psalm 51:17 "You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God."

Thank you, Lord that your compassions are new every morning. That your faithfulness is Great! That you forgive sins. That no one is abandoned by your forever. That you can be trusted. That you offer Peace. And that you LOVE (Agapao) us. -Amen-