Monday, August 20, 2012


I've never been to NYC!  So, when something came up that would require Nick to go for work, I was quick to hop on that trip.  I'm so excited to finally go and experience New York.  However, I must say in that very same breath that I am overwhelmed.  Where do I begin?  I've been online and reading everything just makes me wish we could have even more time there.

So, I've resorted to using my blogpost as an outlet for my research.  Please, tell me your best advise on must see's and must do's during our time there.  We will be there mid October.

Oh, and when I went to ask my parents to watch our kiddos while we go, I discovered they'd never been either.  Thankfully we found friends to watch the girls so that the four of us adults can experience it together.

We'd love to see a broadway show and that alone I'm struggling with because of the reviews I've been reading.  I've ALWAYS been told how wonderful Wicked is, so that's the one I was shocked to read something negative about.  Mary Poppins looks great!  Anyone know anything about Jersey Boys or The Book of Mormon?  Any input is appreciated!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


All summer the hummingbirds have flocked to the feeders outside my window.  This morning is the first that I have heard their hum from inside my house.  That's right!  It's a quiet house that I'm sitting in.  School started this morning.

It's fun to see all the pics of kiddos wearing their backpacks, loading on buses with sharpened pencils and smiles on their faces.  There's a lot of talk of how time flies and don't blink because you just might miss it.

It's true that something crazy happens with "time" when the kids start school.  But logic tells me that time is all the same whether you stay at home with little pre-schoolers, following a schedule that includes naps and snack time and play dates, and bath time.  Or whether it's the long, hot days of summer.  Or sending a child to Middle School for the first time.... I know that there is always 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year, so nothing really speeds up.  So, why does it feel like they grow up fast?

Regardless of why it feels like that, I'm thrilled to watch my children grow each year!  The head taller, the teeth larger, their eyes smarter!  What a natural process to grow and change with each passing day.