Friday, March 26, 2010

Double Jock Parenting

"Tag, I got 'em, you go."

This is truly what our life has looked like a lot lately. Since I've been training for this marathon, I simply HAVE to get my runs in. If for some reason I don't get them in when the girls are at school, then Nick and I discuss how my run will fit into the day around his bike ride. Particularly our weekends have this feel to it.

Before I started running (11 months ago), Nick and I had biking. Since we both did this together, we ended up just paying sitters so we could go together. That got expensive and there was a little resistance on my part when he would mention going with the guys.

Just this morning he told me that he was talking to a friend about how much more he gets to ride since I've become a runner. This is good all around!
I just finished reading an article in Runner's World Magazine about two jocks that have a great system. I swear I could have written it and that is what has triggered me to process this very post. It's beautifully balanced within this home.

I have been running more and posting less :( I love to blog and this outlet has suffered at the hand (or foot) of my running! My marathon is in one month, so hopefully my schedule will adjust back to some sort of normal posting rhythm. Until then, I'm off to hit the pavement (while the girls are in school!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Well, seeing that a Blizzard is hitting us here in OK at the moment, I thought I'd post our bright sun-shiny pictures from Dallas a couple of days ago. I had a blessed time with my mom and my three girls visiting friends for just a few days.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be my HELP!

I think this has been the LONGEST unannounced time taken off from blogging and it was totally unintended! How has this much time passed by? Wow!
Well, I've been running, listening to podcasts galore, and struggling in motherhood.

Struggling in motherhood is something I've come to grips with. Really, I shouldn't even call it a struggle in motherhood itself. It's struggling with ME as I do the job I'm in. I'm too easily annoyed with typical kid's stuff. I'm too easily angered at watching their sinful choices. I"m too easily disappointed at their choices. So this leaves me too easily exhausted with nothing left for all the other stuff in life.

Trying to get our house on the market.
Trying to buy a car.
Trying to meal plan and prepare no matter what kind of responses I get from the kids.
Trying to clean the house, stay on top of laundry and paying bills.

As I get annoyed, angry, disappointed and exhausted will you be my HELP? Help me to rise above my circumstances! This is all I have the energy to ask for. Amen