Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Well, seeing that a Blizzard is hitting us here in OK at the moment, I thought I'd post our bright sun-shiny pictures from Dallas a couple of days ago. I had a blessed time with my mom and my three girls visiting friends for just a few days.


Christy said...

cute pictures... love the b&w... isn't it so nice to get away and not worry about your home and the laundry, dishes and spills all over the place?!

be blessed and enjoy the beautiful snowflakes as they fall down to the ground... try and take a look closely at one and see the Lord's handiwork. OH, it's so amazing! Our last snow we had I couldn't help but take in HIS splendor... such beauty.

Nikkie said...

i LOVE these pictures!

new haircut is perfecto :)

soonercolby said...

Four beautiful girls!!!

soonercolby said...

PS, Make that FIVE beautiful girls. Sorry, Carolyn!!!