Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogging or Jogging

I guess I have found a new form of therapy. I used to post more frequently than I have since I began my pursuit of becoming a runner. I must be getting a release within because I don't feel like I have to assess my heart as much. Maybe that's what's really going on during my 45 minutes or so along a sidewalk.

I have so enjoyed seeing that I have the ability to stick to something. I've kind of always put running in the same category of homeschooling. "It's for every body else. I could never do it! Who would ever really truly want to do that?"
So, just because I run now does not mean that I'm ready to start homeschooling. It has just shown me that until you do it, you really can't know if it's "for you." I do know that I haven't felt "called" by God to home school my children. If I do, I'll probably find things about myself that I never knew.

I have always had bad knees. They creak loudly when I squat down. So, naturally I assumed that my knees could not endure such a hardship as running. I have actually found that by building the muscles around the joints, they are stronger and can handle much more when conditioned.

So, I wonder how much more I really could handle when I'm strengthening different spiritual muscles? I self-diagnosed (if you will) that I could not handle having more children. I was "at my max." Really? Having four or five children definitely would have me using things within me I didn't know I had. I'm not saying, I'm ready to go have a baby, adopt or even begin homeschooling. I'm just going to pursue more in hopes of growing newer and stronger muscles!!!


BASSakward Tales said...

my niece just finished her first marathon on sunday. she said she learned so much about herself and what she could do than she had ever known before. the marathon she ran in was for the american cancer society. she ran in honor of my daughter who had cancer has a child. she is in remission now - praise God. but she said during all this training she found she could withstand alot more than she thought she could. i think it is awesome that you have the dedication to stay focused on something. keep up the dedication..God will reveal alot to you

km said...

so TRUE. Like I didn't now I had it in me to hold a bare hand and then a wadded up tee shirt over the gaping hole in my kids head until the ambulance got there...

I'm so glad the the strength HE provides is sufficient for each new day.

Chelle said...

Doing my happy dance :)

Stacey said...

well said! that's what I've discovered with 5...I never knew I could "do it" till I did it! AM doing it! God's grace is there and sufficient when you need it, not before. Same thing with Mom - I didn't think I could live without her...and whoa! Here I am living it up! :) xoxo

colorfulwoman said...

Hey friend!! I have SOOO enjoyed reading your blog! it was literally like a breath of fresh air:)))
I am laughing a little inside at this post because I don't think you would even have thought about writing what you have about more kids or homeschooling in the past, God is lifting your load I think! I definitly thought I coulld never homeschool, seriously, I need my breaks regularly! But I did it this year and I know I can do it again if I want to, it's cool! The kids will be back in school next year (all three!) but, I am amzed we actually did it.
Also, fyi, I am knee deep in learning about Sensory Integration Disorder. David has been diagnosed and is receiving occupational therapy, i would love to tell you more about it sometime. I am thinking about you and your struggles sometimes as I am learning because I know now more specifically how that can effect one's coping skills day in day out.
Talk soon!!!