Thursday, September 13, 2007


I do not want to be bound by anything that keeps me from being used by God. I believe that I could do so much more for His glory if I would just free myself from the chains of sin. This is not one of my better analogies, but it came to me and was useful nonetheless.
As I pulled the lint from the trap out of the dryer this morning, I realized that the more lint there is the easier it is to remove. When you've done one load that just didn't produce that much, it's frustrating to get rid of it. I was thinking about sin and if you have a whole bunch of it and gain a repentant heart, it seems easier to purify the filth. Like a clean sweep. But, when you have just little, (subtle things here and there) they are harder to recognize and get rid of.
There is not much application to this analogy or maybe even truth for that matter, but interesting enough for me to post :)
But, then again, in the same moment of doing laundry, I had the thought that we should become a naked society just so I wouldn't have to do as much laundry!!!


Aron & Suz said...

actually, i think it's a really good analogy (and i have come to the same realization about the lint remover in the last few months; nice to have a spirtual application for it). it's good to keep our sin in check; it is the little things that build up. thanks for the reminder.

jennyhope said...

what a good word.