Saturday, September 15, 2007


We got skunked two nights ago. Can we say powerful? My goodness! I think it was just my dog that actually got sprayed, but it was at the side of our house and man.....that spray sure lingered it's way into our two cars in the garage, both rooms on that side of the house and somehow through our air conditioner bringing it in the rest of the house but not as strong as the other parts. Whoowee. It stinks. So, quickly I google how to get rid of the smell. What did we do before the Internet? Then, I have another not-so-pleasant smell of vinegar in bowls set in every room. When my daughter went to school, a classmate said out loud, "I smell a skunk!" What in the world?
So, now the only remnants are the parts on the dog, we haven't scrubbed enough....that would be the inside of his ears. So, he's banned to the backyard. Whoever thought the next trial in my life would be being skunked. And, it has been a trial. I honestly think I have bits of "S.I. Dysfunction" (sensory integration dysfunction) where I can't quite cope as normally as the average person when one of any of my senses is on overload!!! So, three kids and a stinky dog messing with my clean house did heighten any normal problem I may have had that day.

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Emily said...

oh girl, i am sorry! i completly understand that sort of thing taking you over the top! i felt that way when we had fleas one time in our home. it was so hard to get rid of them and it made life so complicated!
by the way, I am slowly taking myself off the zoloft. i am excited to feel things again, it made me stable but very unemotional.
talk soon!