Friday, June 4, 2010

My Magnolia!!!

My heart is so full. I feel rich. I was listening to a podcast on my run last night. This pastor asked this question:

Do you enjoy God?

He went on to explain that he is not asking if I love Him, serve Him, know Him. Do I enjoy Him? He likened it to a spouse. Do I enjoy my husband? I mean, you can serve him and love him and know him and trust him, but do you enjoy him?

I realized that I am in a VERY rich place in my life because I thoroughly, honestly ENJOY both God and my husband!! Is it really easy for me to answer that way because I'm not currently under fire or in a time of really tough testing? Maybe. But, I would so hope and desire to still Enjoy God in the midst of any circumstance.

Quick story about my new house. This place has me amazed. Just so amazed that God has provided this much space for us in such a beautiful neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of trees AND HILLS. Yes, this is Oklahoma and I didn't think there could be any of those here, but after running them, I can tell you that there are Hills in OK :) The heat reminds me that I'm still here, though.

Anyway, back to that quick story. I feel so personally and intimately loved by the mere fact that I have a big magnolia tree greeting me outside my study window. I LOVE Magnolias. I've always thought their silky, bulky leaves were just so unique! The flowers they bloom are big and bold. But, see, before I EVER even knew that I like Magnolia Trees, this one was planted in this place and I believe it is because God knew that there would come a day where I decided to like them and then desire one in my yard.

We have owned five homes now and over the course of that time, I often wanted to plant one. Yet, 12 years ago, someone else chose that tree to be planted in this spot where here and now I get to enjoy it!!! God knew. *big grin*


Chelle said...

This post makes my heart happy.

Mimi said...

I have always wanted a magnolia tree........since I was a little girl. I am so glad you get to have one. (But...they can be messy part of the year!!)

Tim said...

I have tips for you to make it as health as can be in Oklahoma. We'll talk.

soonercolby said...

That's awesome about God giving you your heart's desire. Congratulations on the new home~