Friday, June 11, 2010

Trash Day

I get this from my dad, but I LOVE trash pick-up day!!! I even love watching the dump truck pull up and grab the bin and dump all of our week's worth of garbage and drive away with it. It's gone. I never have to see that trash again. It's a purifying feeling. Then, I go into the kitchen and throw something away. My next's weeks collection begins.

The obvious parallel to sin is unmistakable. I see my sin dealt with. It's hauled off the moment I put my trust in Jesus. However, I'm not Sin-Free the moment I'm saved from the consequence of my sin. So, I confess and repent and then turn around and sin again. Maybe the accurate parallel would be likened to communion. I can deal with my sin and know I'm clean, and then sin again.

Learning to accept that my nature (or my flesh) is something I have to battle every single day has been difficult for me. I used to struggle with hearing that we are to be "Christ-like." I don't like unattainable goals. Who does? I won't shoot for something that I seriously don't think I can accomplish. So, why try so hard to be like someone that I can't be like?

The answer still doesn't come simply, but the understanding of the sanctification process has begun. This journey of battling the nature I'm born with against the Spirit that dwells within me is exhausting. But, one that I'm glad I'm battling. (Gal 5:13-26) I'll choose the fruits of the Spirit to live by any day no matter how hard and tiresome the battle for it is.

Self Control. This has been my focus for almost a year now. I figured that I should probably work on my reaction (which tends to be completely lacking of any evidence of self-control) since it is the very thing I'm trying to teach my girls! I'm ready to see that uncontrolled, reaction demon get dumped and hauled off in the weekly trash pick-up!


Mimi said...

It is funny you wrote about this. I watched them this week, also, as they had to back up and go forward to get in the exact place to be able to take away my trash. ANd I thought about that Jesus had to fulfill exact Scriptures and be precise in each detail to take away my trash!!
Same event......different applications

swhite12 said...

i like this, rachel.

great comparison.

Manda said...

This is a comparison that works... I like the simple truth of put your trust in Jesus and he'll take away our "trash"...
Just wishing I wouldn't keep accumulating more as the week goes on.
Continuing in Surrender,