Friday, April 25, 2008


Teeny tiny bores ate through our huge pine tree in our back yard. We had to pay to get it removed and then shell out the money to get a new small tree. Well, this spurred me on to finally attack the beds in the back. As I started with trimming the hedges and pulling weeds, I noticed that four bushes were diseased as well. Not only did our tree have to be removed, but now I had to uproot four bushes and two other plants. As I did this, I thought about how we get diseases. I thought about the word "disease." I have said on this blog before that my thinking is flawed to expect life to be problem free or easy. So, why am I shocked when something in my life has dis-ease? If I would only expect a difficult prognosis with each circumstance, then I wouldn't be disappointed. A life of ease is unrealistic. May I accept the dis-ease in my life with more grace.


Chelle said...

Great minds think alike! And I really love the look of the blog!!!

Mimi said...

You have done a great job in your yward, by the way. Glad I could be there to WATCH you work so hard getting those "dis-eased" bushes come out without ease!! Now you can take it easy while the seeds grow!!!

jennyhope said...

oh i know what you mean. iqds praise
him for his grace

StaceyStace said...

I love your play on words!
Your flowers are pretty, too.