Sunday, April 27, 2008


While I'm on the subject of diseased trees, I may as well write out the other analogy that has more profoundly affected me. I see weeds just as I see sin. I don't have to plant weeds in my flower beds or yard. They just come. I don't have to spend money and time planting them to have them come grow and begin to take over all things pretty. They come uninvited.
Do I ever have to teach my children to sin? NO. They just know how to do it. Because like weeds, it's just there. We are born with a sin nature.
I have to spend money to buy nice flowers and plants. I have to care for them so they don't die. I equate this to the efforts I need to put forth in my spiritual life. Also, to deal with weeds, we pull them at their roots to get rid of them. We spray weed killer on them. I don't have to make sure and water and give plenty of sunshine for a weed to grow....they just grow. I do however, have to water and give plenty of sunshine to the wanted flowers and plants.
Spending time saturated in the Word and spending time at the roots of sin will help me to have a maintained life, like the garden I so desire *grin*


Becoming Me said...

I love this analogy Rachel!

Nichole said...

Such a great analogy! It really made me think and desire to spend more time with my Father. Thanks.

Stacey said...

ooooh. convicting. being saturated in the Word sounds wonderful... feels like I'll have to wait till I have teenagers before I'll get to saturate myself.

km said...

I've been thinking of this too. And I've been thinking about how if you just lop off the top of the weed, without getting to the root, then it just comes back bigger. Thanks for the analogy.

shanna said...

I needed to hear this!!! Thank you!

Irritable Mother said...

Ahhh, yes. When I first started working on landscaping I became convinced Gardening 101 should be a required seminary course. Sooooo many good sermon illustrations could come from weeds, roots, and the like.
I love when God takes things which are easy to understand and helps us to comprehend the spiritual.