Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Seriously, if I don't have like a major prayer request to post, I'll just post the pics from our camp happenings! I did want to let ya'll know that Ashlyn did try that Giant Swing the next day. She cried through the whole thing so even if I had a picture to prove it, I probably wouldn't have posted it. She has decided that she hates anything to do with heights.
So the entire time Meg, Kenna and I climbed this rock wall today, Ashlyn kept asking me if there was ANYTHING to do here at camp that didn't have heights involved. Now she (and we) know what she won't like and what the others will.
Oh, I am not good at laying out the pictures with words in the right places, so I will explain that Meg is a perfectionist and she got so mad at the fact that she couldn't do it that she screamed at the top of lungs dangling up top. We told her we'd bring her down and she'd scream harder that she didn't want down- she wanted to DO it. She tried three different times. Her poor muscles had to be so sore. So, here are the pictures that tell more than what I wrote!!!!

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Mari Fontana said...

They look so little on that big go girls.
Something about the determination of a girl...
All these pictures sure make that camp look fun!