Friday, July 18, 2008

First Day Six

Well, Meg not only got to the top of the rock wall today to ring the bell. She did it three times in a row!!! She's a stud!

I'm so excited because tonight I got to eat dinner with Nick while some Work Crew girls baby sat all the kids. It was refreshing. And the refreshment is just getting started. I just found out that Nick doesn't have to do anything until 4pm tomorrow. So, when he gets back here tonight (probably around midnight.) We can all sleep in and go into a nearby town or whatever. I'm just excited to have a family morning/day together tomorrow.

I've had some great lessons that the Lord is teaching me.

I'll share one awesome one. Just today I was beginning to get a "woe is me" mentality about living far away from the Assigned Team. I was thinking they had it so much better and I was listing off the reasons in my head that we were getting the raw end of the deal. And the Lord just gently reminded me that He placed me here. Maybe He was protecting me from something in that living situation that would have been way harder for me to deal with. All I know is that trusting Him in EVERYTHING is the only way to process and handle All things.

Thanks for praying. I feel like I'm getting extra measures of those fruits that He so freely gives.

Good night... R <><


Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for telling us all about your adventure. I've really been enjoying reading about it. That big swing looked awesome!!!! Have a wonderful time with Nick in the morning. I'll pray that it would be just enough time to tide you over until next time!

Emily said...

Hey Rachel! I just caught up on your blog this morning. Wow, what an experience! I know that even though there are some harder times with the girls right now that afterwards these will be sweet memories with your girls. Also, when you finish up it will be just about time to go to San Antonio! Talk soon! Love ya!

soonercolby said...

What an awesome opportunity to spend some great time with Nick and have that time as a family. Let us know how it went! And what a praise that the Lord is giving you a peace about where He's placed you. You're right - His will is always the best and He knows so many things we don't.

Love you!