Thursday, July 24, 2008


Like one of the dwarfs, I could have been named "Grumpy" today. Thankfully, it wasn't like I had a melt-down or major disobedience. It's like the hum-drum of camp just got to me today. People asking, "What did you do today?" Well, it's not like it was the first week. I basically just survived today. Every chance I got, I was like laying down. I just felt so tired. I don't want any more days like that. Whew, that just knocked the fun out of me.

On a brighter note, I did buy a tie dye Young Life t.shirt. I know, I know... I'm probably too old to be wearing tie dye, BUT, at least I'm not wearing a it all bunched up in a pony tail holder in the back, like Megan. That's right. I'm sound asleep and one morning, Meg comes in to wake me up and she's dressed for the day and has her t.shirt pulled tight and bunched up in the back in a stylish pony tail holder. What a sponge. She is watching these high school campers and it is just in her to do what she sees.

So, with all that said. my journey here is starting to feel a bit harder. I have the opportunity to take the girls into Atlanta Sunday if I want to venture off and do it alone. Still praying about that one. That is the day off for a lot of the wives husbands here. So, we'll see. I'll keep ya posted!

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