Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay, I am starting this post off with my complaint. I have 53 bug bites just on my legs. (thanks to Ashlyn counting them for me :) I am now going to start carrying around bug spray and possibly wear pants when I can stand it!
Other than that little complaint about bugs actually bugging me, I do have a prayer request:
I am already getting tired of the "Can We" questions. There is a lot to do here and I we have only done a little bit. But, once we finish anything, I'm inundated with "Can we go on the slide? Can we go on the swing? Can we go on the zip line? Can we go to the park? Can we play with (insert requested name)? Can we ride in the golf cart? Can we..... ? I think you get the point. It's always. AND THEN, after my answer, it is ALWAYS "Why?" Not, yes ma'am! I'm struggling in the training department. I'm feeling frustration come in with each disobedient action or each disrespectful response. I am in need of extra patience and grace!!!! Here are more pics though. I love that I carry my pack around because it has my camera in it and I am capturing a lot more than I thought I would.
Thanks for praying!!!!


Chelle said...

Here's my answer, "Because I'm the boss, and that is my answer, that's why." :)

Praying for you.

Would making a list of activities to do each day help? That way, you could post it, and they would know what will be happening that day, and won't have to ask...and, you can tell them, if you ask, we do NOTHING.

paula said...

Rachel I like "chelle's" suggestions. I am sure with so many options they are like kids in a candy store. So maybe the listing of the day's activites is a good idea. What a great opportunity though to get to expose the girls and yourself to SOOO many cool opportunities ... and it is free of chrage! That is a blessing!

Erica Lynn said...

Those are great pictures. I'm also struggling in the training department. It is such a hard thing, but I know God has called me to do it. I'm praying for you. You've been tagged, see my blog for details.