Thursday, October 2, 2008


I think that I have a lot of friends. Then, I stop to evaluate who I spend time with and it is like only family. This is fine by me because I absolutely LOVE my family. When I get free time (from life with my kiddos) I spend it with Nick, Gwyneth or Mom. I don't think this is bad. I do have a long list of friends and people that I treasure, but by how my time is spent, you'd think that I don't have any other friendships than the ones in my family. Having my husband, sister and mother to hang out with is a blessing. Many people desire to have functional relationships with their family members. So, today I am thankful that I am friends with my family!

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Mimi said...

Me, too!! By that I mean that I am thankful that you are friends with your family. I would miss you a lot if you weren't!!! Love, Mom :}