Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is very windy in Oklahoma. Today was a particularly windy day. With it, came some sort of sinus headache but also an energy that I felt. I have thought about how most of the things I write about are the struggles and the hardships in my life. I'm like Oklahoma.... Winds of frustration are continually blowing in my life.

I used to love the "Life is good" logo and all things by them. I think Jake is such a cute little face :)

But now, I have thought with all the winds of frustration that blow in my life, overall, life isn't good. I would buy the sticker and put it on my car maybe in hopes that I would feel that way about life. But, reality has brought me to the conclusion that God is good and life is hard.
So, maybe I can find their font (that I love so much) and print a great Jake smile face and say "God is good" and it will help with the yuck of life that isn't so good!


Jackie Sue said...

Rachel, I so thought you were gone from your blog...I never even checked it anymore and then you left me a comment so I came back to see you...I agree...Life is hard...but somehow in the reality that it is hard it becomes good b/c we don't equate easy with good, but hard becomes good b/c that is where we find the need for a Savior that loves us so much. Life is not easy, but it is good...even in the midst of the struggles. You seem a little sad to me...can I just tell you that counseling absolutely changed my life. I think Christians often avoid talking to a professional b/c somehow we are supposed to have all the answers...just not so...hope you figure out what you need to...I really enjoyed meeting you in SA though and thought you were just precious!

Chelle said...

I agree! Love the new look of the blog too. Wish I had some grand words to help you out, but nope, all I got is, "praying for you!"

Mimi said...

You could easily come up with your own font and even character for your slogan. Bill Bryan used to say..."the message of Isaiah is..Life sucks and then you die!! But God is good!!!" So, you have the right message. Gen 1 & 2, God kept saying that what He had made is good and then very good after creating man and woman. But, no so much the same after chapter 3, where sin changed everything. Just remember Ro 8:28 for His perspective on good.

Mari Fontana said...

Praying for you...We don't always have the answers...but that's ok our DADDY does. We don't have to have it all put together. In some of your post you've talked about our true faces...and I agree with most of that. We do tend to put on a 'game face' of sorts to look the part, yet what we are forgetting is that the only 'game face' we should put on is the Grace of God in Christ. We, my friend are imperfect and flawed without him. Only IN HIM are we all that He created us to be. I hope that He meets you where you need today. I am sure life feels so very hard and trully it is is. And as you said God is good!.
This life is but a vapor...short so very short. Our hope is in His coming and our eternity with Him. And in the light of eternity this life seems so small...I will be praying that your mind be wrapped in eternity just enough to keep the heaviness of this world in perspective.
Alway in HIS amazing Grace,