Monday, October 27, 2008


I am a preview girl. I LOVE the previews and don't want to be late to a movie so that I won't miss them. You can usually tell if the movie you are about to see is good or not by the previews it has too :)
Well, I just went to see two movies back to back.
The first was yesterday:
As any loving mother of three girls would do, I took them to see High School Musical 3. Yes, we own the first and second so this was a must see. What a delight to take my children to see a modern day "Footloose" or "Grease!" I just love that there are still movies with singing and dancing in it. Some of my favorites have always been the ones with such talent in them: Singin' In the Rain, White Christmas, Funny Face...I could go on.
The second one was today:
After reading "The Secret Life of Bees," I simply had to go. Although this one didn't get great reviews, I went to assess it myself. The book was so good with the character development of Lily and wondered how they would do with it in the movie. As always, the book was better. Still a great story.

But, back to the previews. There were a couple today that I saw that just made me so excited about the future.
Seven Pounds

Marley & Me

I also think about how the Bible has played as a preview for what we have in our future. If I new that it was "coming this christmas" I could get more excited. But it feels so far away. So, for now I'll be excited for these next two films to hit theaters this Christmas (for real!)

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Mimi said...

I loved the previews, too!! They do look like two great movies. It's a good thing that the previews in the Bible are of "Us in Real LIFE!"