Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Life's not Fair"

What is it within us that begins to think that life should be fair? I mean from the time we learn how to speak we think that there are equal plains and playing fields. I want to want equally. We want to receive equally. If we all received equal to what we desire, it would NOT be equal. It would not be fair.

This concept of fairness has me baffled. I have three girls, so really I buy things in groups of three to "keep the peace." Really it is appear to be "fair." I know that no one really goes around teaching that life is fair. This is something that we must be born with.... some fair calculator that has an alarm that goes off within us when it is tilting in the unfair department.

So, you can imagine that I often say the quote: "Life's not fair" at many of the life experiences we, as a family have. But, the other day, my oldest daughter asked me if she could go with me somewhere and leave the two other girls at home. To this request, I replied: "That wouldn't be fair." This is why I'm baffled....

...If I, as an adult, know that "Life's not fair" then why is it that I try to keep things fair?


Stacey said...

i hear ya.
I've been praying lately that God would help me see the uniqueness of each child, and relate to him/her accordingly, not all the same. Which then, appears unfair at times. But i'm praying that as I continue in this unique treatment, their "love tanks" will be filled and they eventually won't mind or notice the differences. It'll hopefully be the new norm. heavy on the hopefully.

Mimi said...

God is fair......and just!! Are they not the same? With each one of us He is just in His actions. It does not mean equality. Treat your children justly.......rigthly. Now when you get that figured out, write a book and you will make millions. But this isn't fair.... It is my idea!! It is summed up in Micah 6:8.