Monday, September 29, 2008

Not doing so well

I don't know if I need a vacation or counseling. I KNOW that I need one if not both. So, I'm going to try it in that order. Ever since our month away in GA, I have desired some alone time with Nick. So, we are in the workings of arranging a trip to CO. We'll drop the kiddos off and go away for awhile. If upon return, I am still not doing so well, I'll go to a counselor. I have been going to The Counselor begging for help. I trust Him completely and hope to see from fruits from seeking Him and trusting Him!


Chelle said...

Oh girl, enjoy the time with your hubby. I hope it is exactly what your heart and mind are needing. And if you do go to a counselor? That's awesome, at least you know when to ask for help. Kudos.

Jen said...

i BELIEVE in counselors.....GO if you feel the need. may your vacation be blessed!!!

rusty'swife said...


I am praying for you. When you get time I left you a gift on my blog.