Saturday, September 20, 2008


In an effort to chase the feeling of joy, I went on-line to purchase a Hummingbird feeder. I love hummingbirds. I have since I was a Junior in High School. I remember doing an assignment on them that made me take such great delight in them. So, I thought if I could just have the feeder outside my window that I so often stare out of with tears in my eyes, I would replace my sad emotions with delightful ones. I had the feeder in my cart and was ready to complete my purchase when I realized that I was actually on-line trying to buy my happiness. I wanted to buy something that brought me joy. I deleted the item and closed my browser.

Sometimes I wonder why it is that I am so sad. I have many blessings and feel guilty for feeling sad. Then I realize that I'm really looking to have a better relationship with my children. I desire to enjoy being a mother. I long to not feel guilty and miserable about this job ALL the time.

As I sit here this morning, I look out my window and I smile so big just from watching Meg and Kenna jump on the trampoline. This is a long-desired smile. I have wanted to have the natural instinct to smile when observing my children. For so long, there have been negative feelings associated with their behavior and failure on my part to discipline such habits they were practicing.

So, in my effort to have a joy filled feeling, I bought the hummingbird feeder and watched with delight as the little creatures swarmed around while drinking sugar water. Now, my two little girls jump and play and bring me more joy than the birds. I watch Megan double-bounce Kenna and send her sailing. I watch them bend over in an attempt to drink the morning dew off the surface of the trampoline. Such childlike behavior has made my heart happy this morning!

Now, with the bubbles they are playing with, I could play this in slow motion and add music and I’d have myself a picture perfect memory!


Zoe Ann Hinds said...

I too love hummingbirds and seeing them can bring me great happiness. They remind me of a common interest that my mom and I shared together. Mom has since passed away but seeing the hummingbirds never fails to remind me of her and bring back happy memories.

I live in southeast Texas where we just experienced Hurricane Ike. So many people have lost everything litterally, their homes and businesses. I was fortunate to have only suffered the inconvience of having been without electricity and water for quite a while. Thanks for the simple reminder that we all need to find and appreciate the simple joys in life.

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Nichole said...

I can relate to you in so many ways! You are so great with words, I never know how to express my feelings in words. I know I try to do too much in each day and forget to just relax and enjoy the simple moments you were describing. Thanks for being so open!