Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life with an iPhone

I absolutely LOVE the iPhone!!! Ever since I got it though, I am hardly EVER on the actual computer anymore and therefore, my blogging time has just dwindled to practically nothing. I have to actually start up my computer if I want to do such things anymore.

I have noticed that in not having a computer on at home, I have finished ALL my homework in my Bible Study for the last three weeks. That's the exact amount of time I've had this phone. It makes me wonder what else there is in life that needs to be taken out?
So, while people may think such toys are distracting and not all good for you, I have found that it has actually improved my time management.

The thing I'm having the hardest time with is my calendar. Okay, I LOVE actual, physical calendars. I like to draw pretty things and doodle and write organized and highlight and everything on my calendar. Now, i've switched to iCal and I forget to open it each day and look at what I have scheduled. I set reminders, but they only go off once. If it's not at the time that I NEED reminding, then what's the point? So, any suggestions on helping me get adjusted to calendars on computers? I've already fixed the doodling part. I just do that in my journal now and of course that iPhone has an App for that too!

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Mari Fontana said...

Cool technology...but I miss your posts!
I am glad you are enjoying your gadjet and that you are gaining back time (so to speak)...And I have no suggestions on the calendar thing...I have like three calendars throughout the house and I still don't remember important dates!