Friday, November 7, 2008


I am realizing that sometimes I don't really have anything worthy to post on a blog but I often post it anyway since it is just an outlet for me. Yet, someone could stumble upon my blog and read the one most recent post and gain an impression of me that is not totally accurate.

How do I always represent all of me in each post? I guess that is not totally attainable. I desire to be an open book. I guess it just goes without saying that there are good days and bad days!

I use this blog for so many things. Sometimes to post for therapy sake. Sometimes it is to let people that live far away to know what is going on in our life (as a family.) And I used it to give updates on my Dad's health after his heart attack. There are times though that I want to use it as a ministry... to offer what I'm learning in my journey with the Lord so others can grow as a result and that God may receive the glory for what He's doing in my life.

Today, I post to say that I am a roller coaster. I love that God is not. I love that I have a place where anyone can land at anytime and hopefully see Christ :)


Ang baylis said...

I totally agree... I use it for many reasons, too! I love to read other blogs that inspire me to want to keep my eyes on Jesus. It gets overwhelming though, when I don't have time to read the blogs I love and leave an encouraging comment. So many people are doing facebook now, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, besides the fact that I spend WAY too much time on here! By the way... I am a roller coaster, too! :)

Much love and keep writing! I love your heart!!!
Angie xoxo

Chelle said...

Hooray for God. And, you know, depending on your perspective, roller coasters can, at times, be kinda fun. you know, on roller coasters we can shout, scream, clap, and laugh, all the time, and it's OK!

Mari Fontana said...

I like roller coasters...