Friday, November 14, 2008

Here is a first...

.....posting from my phone :-)
I have been wanting to write about a parenting conference I attended last weekend. It was called, "Scream-Free Parenting." This guy basically told us that we can't be in CHARGE when we're out of CONTROL! Totally true! He really put the emphasis on you, the parent. This is good news to me because that is something I can do something about. We have zero control of the decisions our children will make. Did you hear that? Zero! We do however, have a LOT of influence but they were created with the same free-will that we have. Now obviously there was emphasis on consequences and consistency but realizing that I can't control them any more than I can my husband was a great revalation!

Lastly, I think this guy's ego got in the way. It sure sounds like he is trying to sell something rather be a servant that the Lord uses to get a message out. But other than that it has helped me to not discipline with resentment for their behavior!

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