Sunday, November 2, 2008

Espresso at Home

We just ordered an espresso machine to be shipped to us. When we were on vacation, we had Americano's every morning since they had an espresso machine at the cabin. Now (a week later) I'm going through withdrawals. Not really, we just strongly desire to have that in our home. Plus, we aim to not spend any money at coffee shops when we'll be able to make them at home :) so, tonight I've been on-line shopping for the accessories needed for this new barista. I just need to go to Target or something because I keep ending up at sites that sell only the finest. For instance: I'm looking for a tamper which should be around five bucks and I keep finding them except they are like one hundred dollars. So, I have quit for the night. But, I am anticipating a shipment to arrive any day now. Oh, the joys!!!

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