Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Days Gone Bad

I wanted to post about how much fun we had again today, but now that I'm here, I have a headache and I'm sad that it ended the way it did. I think it's just this room and being told what to do that allow the grumpy children to come out of the sweet dancing children that were just up at camp.
Our day began with the adventure of a bears being sited around camp. So, timidly we faced camp realizing that they've been there all along and we just didn't know about it so why worry now!
I got to do the mountain bike trail here with a group of campers! Shortly after that, we did the Giant Swing a few times. I'm so proud of Meg and Kenna for pulling the rope to release the swing all by themselves! Then we headed over to the Quantum Leap where you strap in and climb up a pole. I don't know exactly how high it is, but is high. Then you balance yourself on a small square and stand up. Then you jump out and ring a bell. I didn't have my camera down there for that one. Meg did it first. Then I did it. Then sweet little Kenna attempted it. Her little limbs just wouldn't stretch far enough. We told her maybe next year :)

Finally, YL Camp does this awesome thing called Tableau. Well, since this is week four, my girls finally felt like they could hold still long enough to perform. They did great. They held still and I do have pictures of that. They look so small in here, you probably can't see Nick and the girls, but you'll get an idea.
Now, I'm to bed for some much needed rest!


Mari Fontana said...

Sounds like your all in need of some will be nice to go home...stay in pajamas for a little while...(:

The Ballinger Family said...

What a great picture....yeah, some rest at home would be nice I am sure.

Heather said...

Good times with the hoe-down clothes! Got to love that!

I saw your comment on our Hughes Fam blog...that's mainly one that Johnny updates moviequoter is the main one I update, so subscribe to that one. :) Hope you're having a good time...but can't wait for you to come home!

Mimi said...

How great this pics are and what fun for you to capture them. I am so glad you all got to do the tableau thing. Very cool. Can't wait to see you next week!! Hang in there... just a couple more days!!