Saturday, August 1, 2009


I don't have anything blog-worthy to post. I have returned from all of my summer travels. The normal stuff of returning to my reality is here and in my face. I've cleaned, I've grocery shopped. I began recalling my post about my need for an extreme heart makeover where I truly desired to initiate with my girls. To be intentional. I have slacked off of that with all of our traveling and I have now found myself counting down the days for school to start. Once again my heart is starting to feel selfish. I can feel the tendencies to make choices that will ultimately satisfy ME. I am disgusted at this. I wish that I could simply wish it away. I try to pray it away.

I was just disrupted by my tantruming, disobedient, disrespectful youngest. Can you tell I'm in the middle of a bad one? I am. Here I sit writing about my heart being in the wrong place and I lean over her trying to explain to her that her issue is a heart issue. Then I feel hypocritical and like I'm in no place to effectively teach her anything about her behavior and responses. Oh, how thankful I am that the Lord is in my midst and will help me with both of our hearts!!! Until then, I must say that it is only 17 days until school starts ;)

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