Monday, August 24, 2009


I finally took a picture of this spider that has been in our backyard this past month. Actually, I think there have been a few of them as Nick has reported killing one already. Anyway, I googled pictures of spiders until I found one that looked like the picture I took. They are called Black and Yellow Garden Spiders (or writing spiders because of how they spin their webs.) After reading about them, I discovered that they are harmless. They aren't poisonous even though I feared they were. I am realizing that we do a lot of judging by how things appear.

I wonder how many things appear harmless but are really killers. Or how many things are killers but appear to be harmless? I know that I am all too often guilty of misjudging things. And I was reminded of this all because of a scary looking innocent spider in my backyard!


Stacey said...

we had one of those in our KY yard for a few weeks...we loved him! named him Goliath and checked on him every few days. couldn't believe how long his web held.
good observations, too.

colorfulwoman said...

hey! I am surprised you never saw those in Wilmington, we had them a bunch. They are scary looking! Once we had one spin a web on our glass door and so we got a great look at it, very cool-on the safe side of the glass that is!

Amanda said...



Have a blessed day!