Friday, August 7, 2009


I hate it when I actually stop to think about who might be reading this little blog of mine. It really is intended to:
1. Glorify God
2. Promote Growth in the midst of what I'm in
3. An aid to help me process stuff
4. Allow for friends from afar to stay "in the know" with me
5. Document the good, bad and ugly

So, really it shouldn't matter to me who reads or anything. What brought this up was the fact that I wanted to share a video from youtube on here. I laughed at it. I desired to share it. Then, I wondered what different individuals would think. Funny how I can write extremely openly on my heart issues and not wonder what people will think, but when sharing content that others might not think as funny or whatever had me questioning.

I'm going to attach the video just because of principle alone that I am not concerned about what others think or even who my audience is. I also will continue to write about the things God is using to glorify Himself, grow me and keep my friends involved in some part of my life :)


Staceystace said...

Awww, I couldn't get it to play - which is usual for my computer.

Mari Fontana said...

I needed a good laugh!

Heather said...

Bahahahahaha!!! That was hilarious! I DIED laughing at the "angel guy" line!!!

"Mullet with headlights"

TOO funny!!!