Thursday, May 14, 2009

Divine Invasion

Seriously!!!! I remember writing a post back in Jan of 2007 where God delivered me from depression. It was a life changing moment. It was one where I remember what He did and I have been in a place hoping for Him to do something like that again in my life. I have wanted to be delivered from this unhappiness or unfulfilled place in life. He HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!!

My Extreme Heart Makeover was an act of obedience. Scripture clearly portrays that God responds to obedience with blessing. I am pronounced blessed when God is present and involved in my life. Sometimes the circumstances of our suffering may not change, but the circumstances of our hearts are changed in the midst of them through a keen sense of God's presence and a lively perception of His activity. The result of this DIVINE INVASION is that the life operates overall at optimum earth-satisfaction, joy, and purpose and without the crushing burdens of self-glory and sin. In other words, my life actually works!!!! (the bold text is paraphrased stuff that was in my Beth Moore study this morning that applied so perfectly to where I am.... paraphrased because I plugged it in to this miracle that God has done!!!)

I posted that last post about needing to have my heart blown to smithereens and I copied it in an email to a handful of praying friends. Immediately I felt carried! God's PEACE instantly came over me and began to RULE in my heart and in my house. The renovations are coming along miraculously!!! Like I wrote above that the circumstances haven't changed, but my heart has and that has made ALL the difference :)

Thank you for praying and please continue to as He brings me to mind. I am so excited to share some of the practical changes that have been made with all my new INTENTIONS!!!!


Mimi said...

I am so blessed to do this journey with you "first-hand" and day by day!! Thank you for allowing me fulfills my life-long heart's desire.

Stacey said...

beautiful. quit making me weep, will ya?

Irritable Mother said...

Praising God with you, Rachel.
And looking forward to the next episode of Extreme Makeover - Heart Edition!