Monday, May 18, 2009


I believe that this recent transformation and the praise I've given is in and of itself a "blessing." I was calling myself blessed and I spoke it loud and clear what God was doing in my heart. And then......drum roll........
hours after posting that last Praise I got the biggest blessing (or gift) straight from God.

Let me preface so that I don't sound too cold-hearted here. For the last five years, I have been counting down until Fall 2010. I knew that was when I would have all three girls in all day school. As a struggling mother of pre-schoolers, this literally has been the light at the end of my tunnel. My mom has always told me that I'd be a great, fun Mom to "school-aged" kids. That work and involvement is more natural to me than the toddler and baby stage!

Well, the City of Edmond made the decision to go to all day Kindergarten but the change was a slow moving snail. It wasn't going to happen before my last was out of Kindergarten. So, there sat the Fall 2010 date. She'd be in 1st grade and I could make it to that date!!!! To my surprise three schools in Edmond are going to ALL day Kindergarten THIS FALL.... yeah, 2009!!!! Our school is one of them and had we not down-sized our house and moved to go into ministry we wouldn't be in the school that was one of the three chosen!!!! How good and perfect is God?!!! He knew what He was orchestrated over two years ago!

A pastor spoke on God's glory yesterday. Without sounding trite, I believe that God wanted to bless me for my obedience. I believe that I saw a small glimpse of His glory in putting together all the pieces! I felt blessed just from listening and obeying Him. Now I feel giddy from this blessing. This news is equivalent to a husband surprising his wife with the one thing she loves the most. I have held this stage of my life as something to make it to and God just moved that particular finish line up a whole year!

Disclaimer: I do NOT expect for my life with my girls to all of the sudden get easy or anything like that. I am just thrilled to have some time where I can possibly go to scrub tech school or get a job to help our family (being in the ministry and all) or any number of things. This is a spiritual stroke that the Lord has given me that I am so excited about!!!!
(I just re-read this and have no idea if I've communicated this accurately, but I've had WAY too many distractions in trying to write this. I'm just posting....)


Staceystace said...

Yay! I'm so glad He is into the details.

Chelle said...

HOORAY! I have until, let's see, 2013, unless we have another, then even longer. AHHHHHHH!

Happy for you. And, if it weren't for AdvoCare, my at home business, I would lose my mind for sure! It's nice to have something to focus my mind on that doesn't involve feeding, changing, cleaning, etc :)

Mari Fontana said...

It is so sweet to see HIM in the details.

km said...

What a surprise blessing! In the midst of it all, it's hard to remember that each season will come to an end. I wonder what God will have in store for you this fall.

colorfulwoman said...

understood perfectly!!
You and me both Rachel! I will have all three of my kids at school next year too, very exciting!

Andrew was a scrub tech before he was recruited into orthopedic sales, he loved it because it had great hours. Why don't you become a doula or a midwife or something? I remember you had dreams of those types of jobs. Or maybe a lactation consultant or something.
Anyways, good news! and...a breath of fresh air.