Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, the day after Thanksgiving, we had to make our first time ever 9-1-1 call. Our youngest couldn't really wake up and was lethargic. After a day in the ER including a CAT Scan, we found out that she is as healthy as can be. I'm thrilled to hear that nothing is wrong with her but left somewhat confused as to what caused those horrible symptoms that morning.... that have not since returned (thankfully.)
Then, the next day the middle child had a fever of 102. And the oldest threw up three times. I caught it that night leaving me worthless by Sunday. All the while, our tradition of putting up decorations the day after Thanksgiving was more of a burden and a poor attempt.
Now, Tuesday, my poor hubby has the bug. The Christmas tree is up. The stockings are hung. We still have the outdoor lights, but with the wind and brrrrr-ness outside, who knows when that will really happen.
This whirlwind that we have had since my return from Nashville has left little room for me to write about the things I have been assessing within my heart.
I am currently reading a book that I am ready to recommend even though I haven't finished it. "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan is an eye-opener for the sleeping, lukewarm church and individual.
So good so far!!!!


Mari Fontana said...

Sorry its been so crazy for you...I have been right there with you. Making light of it on my post really helps me. I do very poorly mentally when the house is sick!

Chelle said...

Glad the girls in the house are ok!

ashleykimble said...

I just bought that book for my husband. He has been wanting to read it, I'm anxious to see what he thinks about it...maybe I will read it next.

Mimi said...

I tried to take a peek inside, but couldn't get it opened!!! :+)
I will just wait to read your copy, after I finish the other two sitting on my table, waiting for me to read in my "spare time" which is coming soon!!! Right?? Well, Nick got our lights up today, sorry about yours!!!