Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Birthday Wisdom

I was asked to write out something to a dear friend who is turning sixteen! Here is what the Lord gave to me:

Happy Birthday!

Life experience is where we learn most things. However, I once heard that we simply don’t have enough of our own bones to break in our body to learn everything we need to learn. So we can learn from other people’s broken bones. I’ll break my arm doing a cartwheel and tell you how not to do that. You can break your nose running into a wall and you can tell me about that experience. I think you get the idea, but just in case you don’t then let me try to be very specific.

If someone tells you not to do drugs, just ask them why. Maybe they have a broken bone story they can tell you so that you can avoid that personal pain for yourself. I could tell you that it is so worth it so save even your kisses for your husband only. You could ask me about it.

So, dear one, my nutshell version of wisdom to pass on to you is: between the Word of God and life experiences (yours or others) you will have all that you need to become a wise woman yourself. I am praying that as you enter this new age and stage of your life, you will continually seek the Lord in ALL you do. May your only desire be to honor and glorify your Maker!

I am so glad that you were born ☺


Lauren said...

Hi, Rachel! Yeah, it's been crazy fun and kinda scary getting to know Heather. She's just a nut, but we're so much alike it's nuts. :) Hope you guys are doing well. I miss seeing the Meyers clan on a regular basis.

Mari Fontana said...

What a great letter!!

kaylyn said...

Rach - this is awesome. I'm assuming you sent it for Hannah! I feel like copying it and saving it for all three of my girls for their 16th birthday. Maybe you could save it and send it to each of them when that days comes :-)