Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Hate List

Hate is a very strong word. So strong that I just don't even allow my children to use it yet. But, as I've been holding in comments about things I hate, I have come to realize there are a few things that I H-A-T-E!
being too hot or too cold
the sound of a tea kettle whistling
obnoxious Oklahoma wind
cleaning up throw up

But as to not leave this particular, hateful post in a negative tone. I absolutely LOVE my husband and the role he plays in my life. He is such a great supporter of me when I'm too hot or too cold. He's quick to take the kettle off the burner. He is honest with me. He actually helps cleaning up throw-up. And he deals with the whining as much as I do. I am not alone in this and I am blessed to have this companion. I feel guilt sometime for having someone who loves me like he does. But, when I think long and hard about it; I have no control of that. The only thing I can control is my self and that is only with the help of the Holy Spirit!

Father~ Thank you for loving me unconditionally. With all my hates, you embrace me where I am and gently teach me how to not sin in any of it. Because of you, nothing grips me so utterly that I don't see your way out! I open my hands with all the hates and loves in my life. I'm Yours! <><

What do you hate? What do you do with your hate? Obviously these are questions I've been pondering and found some good in addressing them.


Mari Fontana said...

The stomach virus!!! for sure!
But even in that I was able to see that my stomach bug was and is so small in comparison to so much.

Amber said...

I am definitely blessed by a husband who also cleans up all the throw up! I'm not sure what I'd do without him :)
I also hate being COLD!

Stacey said...

I hate solar-water-heating on cloudy, winter days. somebody did not plan ahead...

Mimi said...

I hate watching someone hurting because of another one's wrong choices.
I hate legalism.
I hate false teaching.
I hate money wasted on football!!!
Maybe I will campaign for stopping football to reduce the national debt!! what do you think?

Staceystace said...

I hate "what ifs". I just don't have the heart to go down that road anymore.

Good to hear from you on my blog!