Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick Trip

We took two drive days to and from Angel Fire, NM for two days of play. It was a fun way to spend the fourth of July. Grandparents, an Aunt and cousins came down to meet us. We so enjoyed the outdoors.

It's often hard to come home. I return with a back that is hurt from the road trip and various other things. I see bag worms on our trees and weeds in our yard. Dust has settled on the shelves, laundry is overflowing. The normal-life things that return are the the things that I want to do well. I want to do the mundane well. I want God to receive glory in the midst of what I'm in.

Father, thank you. Thank you that we are privileged enough to get to take trips and return from them. May I continually focus on You and honor you with the things I choose to do and say. I'm so very blessed to have had a wonderful trip where many memories were made. Help me to set an appropriate tone in this home. I need nothing because in You I have all that I need.


Christy said...

mmm... that challenges me . Right now I feel as if the mundane every day stuff is not being done well... or to the glory of God at all. THanks for posting... Thanks for the challenge. It will propel me today to step up and take control of my joyfulness in the mundane of laundry!

Manda said...

We had the same privilege of a road trip... the returning home always seems to be a little bitter sweet.
I'll find thanks in the mundane ~ Thank you :)