Friday, July 9, 2010


I want to get them to play. If they play wrong, I threaten to take "play" away as a means of discipline.

The continual referee role I play as they argue... what good does it do?

I'm frustrated by the rules of other parents. Kids come over. One can't watch that tv show. Another can. Mine can, they can't. That one they can, but we can't. Where do these decisions come from? One parents judgement that claim to love the Lord and walk in His ways shouldn't differ from another's. I'm just confused on this. Where do these opinions come in from?

I've had a rough day. I'm in a rough spot as a parent. I just needed to post these few things.

There really are WAY more, I'm just ......uuuugggh, words fail me!


Mari said...

I completely understand....

BASSakward Tales said...

I am with you sista....I have one at home right now and he is notorious for getting up in the middle of the night and I find him watching Family Guy in the den...I fight with him all the time about the language, the inuendos (sp)....just know there are other sisters out there with you

Christy said...

Understood from this end as well. WE (as mothers and believers) need to remember that we aren't always going to see eye to eye... that is ok... just find something else to do! That is what I have to do with a sister of mine... we have very different convictions and parenting ways... we have decided to agree to disagree and love each other despite!

Although it still doesn't make it any easier!

Thanks for your realness... it is refreshing!