Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Limbo

So, waiting for confirmation of a diagnosis is REALLY hard. I find that my coping skills are not very good. I can't (and don't want to) say much more. I WILL talk about it once I know. I just feel like a lot could change for me if only we knew. I HATE to be so vague on here. But, I have been bursting since Friday. I really need answers.

It's funny. I am not anxious. I completely TRUST God NO MATTER WHAT. I just want the answers for the moving forward part of life.

I know, I probably shouldn't even be saying anything. But, I do ask for prayer during this time. I am hopeful of finding something out after an appointment on Thursday at 2:00..... if you feel led to pray with me on this journey.

I question my ability to represent Christ well during the limbo part. I mean, I am listening to Matt Chandler's podcast and watching his video blogs and following him through the process he has been going through with his cancer. He is so representing Christ and His strength well. I LONG to do that, but why is it that in this in between (AND NO IT"S NOT CANCER I'M WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT) is proving to be so challenging for me?

Anyway, I would love knowing that I'm lifted up by other believers for this place of life I'm in.

Thank you!


Mari said...

praying for you

soonercolby said...

I'm praying

Chelle said...

Praying for you buddy. Email or call if you need to chat.

soonercolby said...

I'm praying... what did you find out?

nikkie said...

the moving forward part of life is sometimes so hard when we're in limbo, isn't it?

of course, i'll pray.

love you, friend.