Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding Joy

I'm out of sugar. I never bake. The reason? I make hummingbird food and I make it a LOT. I crave to see their little tiny bodies hover around the food I make for them. They drink it and seeing them that close to my windows brings me joy.

I am always amazed when I see them. Even though they are an every day occurrence, I'm still amazed at them. When I'm in the mountains and they are swarming around as numerous as flies to food, I am still amazed. I will ALWAYS like these little birds. I've always associated them with the word joy and I'm not too sure why. But, I have the small flutters of joy in my heart as I write because they are all around me.

With a different than expected diagnosis (of a loved one) I love that I can find joy. God' joy. Brought to me by my little hummingbird companions.


Christy said...

Great word to describe those beautiful creatures... they are a small bundle of joy!

Irritable Mother said...

Ahhh, we used to have hummingbirds around here, too. And I got excited every time I saw one. I understand the joy of which you speak!

Sounds like you got the answer about the diagnosis. God was not surprised by it, to be sure, and I'm glad to know you're finding joy in the face of it.

soonercolby said...

Hummingbirds bring joy indeed. They are exquisite!