Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty Ten

It's not going to take new resolutions to make our year look different. Nick got a new job. We knew that as the end of the year approached, so did our season with Young Life. I am sad about this. When we sold our house and downsized to a smaller one for the cause of going into ministry, I was ready for life. I was sold out. I was committed. And Young Life felt like family. When Nick first started the job, Young Life came out with a slogan that said, "You were made for this!" And he was.
We knew going into it that it was a job created for him to try. Try he did. Succeed he did. But, there simply were not enough funds to keep him on past that two year commitment. So, with all of that said... for the past few months after going to reduced pay and not knowing if there would be enough funds for him to stay with Young Life, he got a couple of other jobs. He was teaching a spin class at the Y!!! He was also working a few hours at Starbucks.
This is where the story gets to be pretty amazing.
God ordained it that a "Regular" there would notice him and end up pursuing him to come along his journey in starting a new company! I am not going to include all the details of that on here, but I will say that as I assessed my heart in the journey of trusting God with all that we have and our willingness to go where He wanted and do what He wanted, it's a beautiful and amazing thing for me to look back at how he orchestrated for these two guys to meet. I'm excited and nervous about this next year.
It will require more time away from family.... something I've NEVER liked or even handled all that well. But, I am excited to watch my husband grow in this new position!!!

Twenty Ten, 2010 or the most recent way I've seen our trendy generation call it: MMX was a year that I thought would look different.... flying automobiles at least. My different is not always the different it turns out to be! I'm wise, huh? Well, I do hope you all had a great turn of the New Year celebration. This year holds a couple big milestones for me. I will be doing my first half marathon at the end of this month and my first full in April. We'll see what other firsts I may have. While resolutions are for some of you, I pray that we all just simply grow in our relationship with God in leaps and bounds this year!


Chelle said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to hear more!

I still think you all would be great in AdvoCare, especially with him teaching a spin class and you doing your running thing.

Excited where God has had you and for where He is taking you.

We should meet in Dallas sometime :)

Mari said...
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Mari said...

OK...I commented and then deleted it because it wasn't what I wanted to say...
Awesome and exciting! is what I wanted to say...and...yes may I grow in myrelationship with Christ in leaps and bounds!!

glendagismondi said...

We did not know you were making this change but we praise God that He knew what and when. Isn't it interesting that it took the need for Nick to be at Starbucks so he could meet the man? So God called you for these 2 years and now He has a new plan. If He did not bring these things to pass would we ever make a change? Pedro and I struggle with this in our ministry lots of times. We are where we are to be today, but tomorrow who knows where God will take us. I am glad you can write with that understanding. I love you Rachel and treasure just knowing you.

Tim Bailey said...

I appreciate so much your positive way of thinking. i love reading your blog to rethink my thought process.
thank you

Christy said...

I pray the same, and this year for us is looking pretty different as well. Just found out today that my husband is being laid off. So we are trusting the Lord to show up in BIG ways. We know that the Lord sees the bigger picture and knows where we will end up... these are trying days ahead, but ones that without them we would grow deeper in our faith.

May God Bless you as He so graciously has blessed us.